Crossfit is not like your regular routine of building or shaping a certain area of the body, a certain day of the week. Walking into the gym, you do not know exactly what you will be doing for the workout, but you must know it won't be easy nor will it be another usual routine. What I like the most about crossfit is the feeling of complete physical depletion after every workout; a feeling of ``I can not do another rep``, causing a rush of endorphins, knowing you gave it your absolute best performance. As gruesome as the workout can be, it is also fun because of the people who are there to smash their goals as well as push you to smash yours. You will see your agility, stamina, strength, and just overall condition improve tremendously. There is no talent needed, just hard work and a will to accomplish.
- Daniel Paniagua
I was deathly afraid to attempt CrossFit. I had no strength and no flexibility and couldn't fathom how I could succeed. Turns out that the atmosphere at CrossFit Upland was perfect for me. The trainers and members are encouraging and helpful. I learned how to lift and do the exercises correctly. Plus I became more flexible. The workouts contain cardio and strength and are very challenging. The workouts are broken down for each level of experience so a beginner to an advanced member will be able to get through it and feel it. Peers in the class are cheering and rooting you on to help get you through the workout. If you've never envisioned yourself lifting weights, you'll surprise yourself with the things that you will accomplish with a CrossFit workout. Lifting weights, pull ups, sit ups, push ups, running, jump rope...it's a complete all around workout every day. The best part, is the workouts are fun and unique and never monotonous. Before you know it, the hour is done and you've burned more calories than riding on the elliptical for 60 minutes.
- Nicole Marquez
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I started CrossFit when I lived in Claremont. I loved it! The coaches were terrific and the community was great. Coincidentally, Claremont CrossFit closed down soon after I moved to Upland. I wanted to find a new box, but was a little nervous. I had really bonded with my previous CrossFit Community. As soon as I discovered CrossFit Upland, met David and the members, I knew I had found the right place. What I love best about CrossFit Upland is the feeling of support and community. Their membership is diverse on every level. I didn't feel intimidated to start getting back in shape. CrossFit Upland's workouts are safe, fun, and focused on optimum health. I am so glad I found CrossFit Upland. - Suzie Kovacs
My name is Celia. I am a mother of a wonderful 18 month old baby boy. I want to be a great role model for my son. I want him to grow up to be a strong minded man, I want to inculcate him the habit of being healthy; physically and mentally.
I started my journey with CrossFit in late 2016. I never thought CrossFit would become part of my lifestyle. I was very intimidated at first; I started with a group of people in excellent shape, and self-confidence. I decided to give CrossFit a try. I showed up to my first day and was impressed. I absolutely loved the class. CrossFit Upland has an exceptional team. The coaches genuinely care for their members. I enjoy every single session; all CrossFit members are very encouraging and great team players. I am fairly new Practicing CrossFit, I am glad I decided to give CrossFit try; it has helped me build more self-confidence and take life events lightly.
My goal is to be healthy 🙂
David and his team ROCK!! - Celia Torres
Karl Velherst Mudder
I enjoy CrossFit because everyday is different. There's days where I know I'm going to do really well, and there's days where I know I'm going to struggle. It helps me grow at the things I know, and gives me an opportunity to learn new things as well. To have the opportunity to have my gym regiment laid out already and not have to walk around the gym and pick is always refreshing. The competitive nature is appealing to me as well. - Karl Verhelst